optionRuler: the new options platform by Directa
optionRuler: the new options platform by Directa

optionRuler: the new platform for options by directa

optionRuler, Directa platform for MIBO Options and EUROSTOXX50 Options

Buy/Sell CALL and PUT to go Long or Short
Test and compose your strategies quickly and easily
Active for MIBO Options and EUROSTOXX50 Options

OptionRuler - dLite platform

By using optionRuler you can develop a strategy for buying and selling options with a risk-revenue-profile more consistent with your price expectations

  • In the “Strategy” you can set your list of orders simulating firts all the results and the possible outcomes. For each of your different choice you get immediately, visually and numerically, the resulting Payoffs at expiration (premiums included) in proportion with the underlying asset price.
    The required margins are always available and adjusted in real-time.

  • Once a simulated strategy satisfies you, you can immediately deploy it by placing the list of orders one by one in the market, while following the recommended sequence in order to optimize margins.
STRATEGY Chart for MIBO EUREX Options, OptionRuler PAYOFF Simulation

  • To better match your expected order outcome, in addition to the median price between bid and ask, you can use the optionRuler innovative automatic feature best price search by canceling and resending the order a tick away from the previous price. This is especially useful with a wide spread.

OptionRuler: PERFORMANCE and PAYOFF at expiration datet

Also available:
  • The estimated underlying value at the expiration date (interests and dividends included)
  • The Performance, in order to close – if needed – the whole strategy.
  • The option’s “Delta value” : the degree to which an option is exposed to shifts in the price of the underlying asset. This ratio compares the change in the price of the underlying asset to the consequent change in the price of the option.

Start Now: Try the simulator OptionRuler, strategy simulation on MIBO options

In addition to the activation of derivatives (INFO> 5. ADDITIONAL ACTIVATIONS AND VARIATIONS > Derivative), another step is required for enable the trading on options (INFO> 5. ADDITIONAL ACTIVATIONS AND VARIATIONS> Options - Compensated Margins).

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