Trader Commission Plan

Last Update August 12, 2013

Operating with commissions of 0.13%

Directa Trader Commission Plan is available at no extra cost or formality to all customers who have traded a value of Euro 2.5 million through Directa.
The assessment to check whether the executed trades have reached trader plan trigger amount will take place at the end of each trading day, as will the approval of the possibility to activate the Trader Commission Plan.

Clients may be granted Trade Conditions without having brokered € 2.5 million, only by paying the 0.03% of the difference needed in order to reach the trigger level.
For example, a client who has reached a traded amount of € 1.55 million, may apply for the Directa Trader Commission Plan by paying € 0.95 million x 0.03%= € 285.

A new customer who wishes to use the Trader Commission Plan from the beginning may do so by paying € 2.5 million x 0.03% = € 750.