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last update October 2, 2017

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Please note: the user manual instructions provided here are applicable to the dBar tiles launched from within the main Online Trading Platform Darwin2.

The dBar available also as a Modular tile in Directa's Online Trading Software Darwin2 offers the opportunity of keeping an eye easily on the trends of the main market indices as calculated by Directa. The indices are: Italy, France, Germany, USA and the euro / dollar .

tessera dBAR

grafico dBAR
By clicking on the name of one of the indices, it will display the chart of the selected index while continuing to show the percentage changes and performances of all the rest of the 5 indices in the upper part of the dBar tile.

By clicking on the value of an index you can toggle the display of four different data types, precisely, in the order of:
* The difference in points on a daily basis
dBAR differenza giornaliera
* The difference in points on an annual basis
dBAR differenza annua
* The % difference on a daily basis
dBAR differenza % giornaliera
* The % difference on an annual basis
dBAR differenza % annua

dBAR zoom prezzo
You can zoom-in on a portion of the chart to enlarge a certain price range by clicking and dragging (vertically) to the desired price range to highlight (eg. the picture)

In like manner, you can analyze a timeframe by clicking on the time section in the chart and dragging it (horizontally) to the right or left up to the desired time (eg. picture: from 11:40 until 14:30)
dBAR zoom orario

On the right side of the dBar widget the following indications are found:

dBAR lato destro

The last available value is shown on the chart and will be colored Green if it's higher than the immediately preceding value, and blue if it's equal, it will be color coded red if it's lower.
The yellow banner part of the dbar corresponds with its upper edge to the previous day's closing price.

Indices' calculation and the € / $ exchange rates

  • dIta is drawn from 'BATS Europe's quotations
  • dGer and dFra are derived from the CFD quotations on the respective indices as traded on the LMAX Exchange market.
All of them we make use the average between the bid and ask.

This data, though it might differ from that of the main markets, because of the continuous arbitrage of the always more widespread computerized trading systems, this also applies with regard to both the quotation of the dIta index components on the BATS Europe, as well as the quotations of the index CFDs on LMAX Exchange, in either case, there could only be a very limited variance from that of the main markets.

In the dIta, in lieu of the weights used in the FTSE/MIB basket, a security by security dynamically determined coefficient by multiple regression techniques is applied.

In the dGer and dFra, on the bid and ask average of the index CFDs, we apply a corrective coefficient defined dynamically by using a proprietary algorithm.

The deviation Compared to the official indexes, except in some cases, at the beginning or the end of the day, should normally stay below the 0.1%.

dUSA is obtained from the bid / ask average of the CME future on the SP index rectified with the interest on daily basis, and it's provided by the CME Market Data Group.

The EURO/Dollar exchange rate is provided by the LMAX Exchage.

The values ​​are updated every 10 seconds.

Color preferences

There are five alternative Themes available:

- Classic , the default theme as seen in the picture above
- "Darwin"
- Darwin 1
dbar-tema-darwin 1
- Darwin2
dbar-tema- light