US Stock SCREENER - Analysis and professional recommendations on the American Markets

Directa allows its customers to use an advanced information platform, developed with our US broker ViewTrade, which provides analytical services and professional recommendations, as well as a wide variety of news on the American markets: NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and OTC.

US Stock SCREENER can be activated from dLite (dLite menu -> Additional Activations) and from the Classic (Home -> Additional Activations). In order to activate this service it is necessary that trading on the American Markets is enabled.

The monthly fee of the service is 9 $

There is a free trial for the month in which you enabled the service plus the following one (e.g. activation May 15th, first charge July 1st; it is sufficient to disable yourself before this deadline to have no charge). At the end of the trial, the fee can still be zeroed if at least executed commission on U.S. stock markets has been paid in the previous month.

It's an informative platform, though it allows a quick access to the Trading Platform in different ways:
  • by the Trading button, found on the right edge of the navigation bar at the top of every window, this will open the Mainboard of the web trading platform
  • by the buttons: Trade and Chart, embedded in the information page, available for each individual security, both will launch respectively the Order Entry Form and/or the Operational Java Chart.
This convenient mode of use, however, should not let one forget that the quotations are delayed by 15-20 minutes here.

The information table of the single securities

This useful tool can be opened either by entering the ticker or the security name in the appropriate box on the top right, as seen in the picture below, or by clicking on the ticker, wherever it appears as a link, and then by selecting from the window that will pop up the entry: detailed quotes.


Here you can check out the Company profile, as well as knowing the View Trade analysts' recommendations on the security, the ETFs that contain them in the basket and their exposition, the financial reports based on the budgets and quarterly reports, the SEC communications, available under the menu item: More / SEC Filings, and much more information.

The security's charts are also available in several forms (linear, candles, histogram...), with the option to choose the reporting period, up to a maximum of eight years. As shown in the image, even the trend of the last 20 and of the past 200 days are already displayed with two other lines of different colors on the daily chart.

Prospectuses and the news on the homepage

One of the most interesting services for the investors is represented by the suggestions of about 3500 certified analysts, each one of them offering his timely and up-to-date recommendations on the individual securities: (buy, sell, hold).

In the daily Reccomandations' panel the list of the Daily Recommendations will appear, which are updated roughly every 15 minutes, in the order in which they are issued.

A click on the header will quickly take you to the more detailed view.


For each stock, the proposed target and current performance are indicated, compared to the day the recommendation is issued.
Alongside are given the name and the score (on a scale from 0 to 5) of the reference analyst; the last column on the right is often a link ment to access the exposition (in English) of the grounds on which the judgment was based.

A click on the name of the analyst will allow you to access his personal profile where reliability is also expressed in a number of stars ranging from 0 to 5. You can find here the position in the overall ranking of the category, the average returns achieved by those who have followed the given recommendations, and the success percentage of the same; There is an overview of the latest recommendations of which it's often possible to check the given explanations (always by clicking on the small icon at bottom of the row).

By clicking on the link Top analysts found on the upper part of the window you can also check the ranking of the top 30, compiled based on results of their previous recommendations.

The other three boxes on the home page : Markets , Rankings, Earnings - show respectively the statements:
- of market trends
- of the securities that have been subjuct to changes in ratings, or other significant actions with an indication of the Company that brought about the initiative
- dividends estimates, prior to the official notification of the company, grouped together in relation to the time of day when the communication itself is scheduled (morning, afternoon ... and , in the details pane even the pre-opening, and after the closing...).
Even from these panes you can access the detailed prospectus with a click on the header.



In the lower part of the window there is a list of the most significant news of the day presented with a good level of in-depth explanation.


The navigation bar and sidebar

In the top bar next to the button 'Home page' there are two more:

  • Search which opens an overview of the US markets, full of details and groupings of the securities according to different criteria (on the rise, falling, the most traded ...)
  • Watch lists, which gives access to a form in which one can build and edit lists of securities at will, according to his own personal interest.
Through the sidebar menu and the several links/buttons easy and intuitive to use, you can also look up for a lot of other data of interest and valuable news, or get to some already mentioned windows/menus by alternative path (e.g.: overview = Search: upgrades/downgrades = rankings in detail).