Long and short intraday leverage on
Wall Street Giants' Stocks

Long and Short leverage on Wall Street Giants

Trade US Stock Markets

9$ per trade
Nyse and NASDAQ Free Real-Time Quotes
Leverage rate up to 5x
Direct access to the Markets

Long intraday&overnight and Short intraday leverage on US Stocks
with Directa you can purchase or short-sell on margin, while increasing your trading power, investing only a fraction of the position's value

even more...

Trading account in U.S. dollar not required
The €/$ exchange rate is available instantly and with no charges

Trading Hours: 15:30-22:00, Pre-opening: 14:45-15:30

Free Activation

...and since 2004, Directa has enabled its customers to
automatically participate in over 450 Class Actions on US Stocks

if you are a customer, start right away by going to: Info 5 - Additional activations US Market Leverage

if you need further info, contact us on +39 011 0884141
or send us an email at directa@directa.com

This service is not available for U.S. persons