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Our partners are a primary element to increase the quality of our offer and to provide our customers with an ever better service.

With a view to mutual growth, we like to build long-term relationships with partners who stand out not only for excellence and reliability on a technical and quality level, but who share the same values that have always been our own: transparency, earnestness and the utmost attention to the customer.

Shared standards, cooperation and commitment are the essential elements for quality service

Together for the same goal

Directa is a Retail Partner of Borsa Italiana
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Education, webinars and thematic insights in collaboration with the world's leading derivative marketplace

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Training opportunities for investors and traders with the leading German derivatives market
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The trading venue designed without compromise for tomorrow's retail investor. Unparalleled access to the markets even outside of traditional trading hours. For the chance to act on opportunities that present themselves day or night.
Spectrum Markets
A better way for European Markets
Raydius turbo warrants
Europe's first on-venue 24-hour turbo warrant

the assisted investment plan in ETFs

A financial planning way to invest capital over time characterised by a periodic purchase plan with constant amounts at recurring times designed for the independent and informed investor

PAC in ETF con Amundi
PAC in ETF con DWS Xtrackers
PAC in ETF con iShares
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PAC in ETF con Wisdomtree

Thanks to the partnership with iShares, DWS Xtrackers, J.P.Morgan, WisdomTree, Vontobel, Vanguard, UniCredit, GraniteShares, VanEck, Franklin Templeton, ETC Group, 21Shares, HANetf, BNP Paribas, LGIM , CoinShares Amundi ETF, KraneShares, AXA Investment Managers, BNP Paribas Asset Management, Rize, Raydius, and Fidelity, Directa customers can trade a large number of ETFs and Certificates offered at ZERO Fees

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