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With global uncertainty, negative interest rates, a pandemic, and relentless pressure from central banks, 21Shares believes it is right to invest in a validated and innovative alternative that is already being used by millions of people around the world. Despite the rapid and exponential growth of the crypto-assets market, investors often find themselves in uncomfortable situations induced by the lack of transparency and regulation of these products, whether it is an exchange or a specific asset. These are often considered pain points in the industry, putting its growth and reputation at risk.

For this reason, the 21Shares team, based between Zurich and New York and counting with extensive experience in the world of technology and finance has been working to find the easiest and most transparent way to unite this exciting techno-financial development since 2018.

21Shares ETPs on crypto assets

Aiming to offer institutional investors an easy and regulated access to the world of crypto assets, 21Shares has launched a wide range of ETPs offering exposure to different sectors of the industry such as decentralized finance, metaverse, infrastructure, payments, smart contracts, and interoperability. In addition, 21Shares offers products that vary in their typology such single assets, diversified indices, smart indexes, and shorts.

This variety of products allows 21Shares to offer different investment opportunities to all kinds of investors, depending on their risk appetite, strategy, and personal preferences. In fact, the range of more than 30 products has facilitated the entry of institutional investors into the crypto space.
This can be seen through:

- products that demonstrate 21Shares neutrality offering shorts on Bitcoin and Ethereum

- An Index built to gain exposure to a variety of crypto assets and their corresponding sectors

- A product that aims to deliver inflation protection by tracking an index that gives optimal risk-adjusted exposure to bitcoin and gold

  • BOLD | 21Shares Bytetree BOLD ETP
    seeks to serve as an inflation hedge by tracking an index that comprises bitcoin and gold, and rebalances monthly according to the inverse historic volatility (360-day) of each asset.
- Benefits
Inflation protection - Gold has proved itself a store of value over thousands of years and bitcoin is its digital equivalent. Both are hard assets that are deemed to protect investors from inflation. Gold tends to lead when the economy is contracting, in contrast to bitcoin which has performed best when the economy has been expanding.

- Risk-management - The strategy adjusts weightings monthly according to historic volatility. The less volatile asset will be accorded the higher weighting. By automatically adjusting weightings the rebalancing aims to smooth and enhance combined returns over time. This is because the strategy continually favours the less risky asset, as measured by historic volatility.

-Portfolio Diversification - Gold and bitcoin provide diversification to a balanced portfolio. BOLD offers investors a convenient way to invest in gold and bitcoin, in a structure that prudently manages risk. Rebalancing transactions are carried out within a tax efficient structure.

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ZERO Fees* on a selection of 21Shares products
The promotion is valid only on purchase orders with minimum trade value of € 1,500

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All 21Shares products are passported and registered for Italian customers.

* No trading fees are charged for buy orders with a trade value of 1,500 euros or more. 21Shares pays Directa a retrocession for each execution.

The advantage of ETPs

Gli Exchange Traded Products (ETP) sono strumenti di debito collateralizzati e senza interessi, creati per replicare la performance di un asset sottostante.

21Shares values the basket on a purely "crypto" basis. Each share of the ETPs corresponds to a predefined crypto number, which can be seen in 21Shares product overview and in the final ETP terms. This number determines how many fractions of the underlying crypto assets are needed to support the value of an ETP.

Difference with ETFs
Although ETPs function and are structured much like traditional exchange traded funds (ETFs), the main difference is that ETPs are debt securities issued by a special purpose vehicle (SPV).

Your protection, 21Shares priority
Digital assets are stored in cold storage with accredited, industry-leading custodians. 21Shares has taken a number of measures to ensure the security of the underlying assets including: cryptographic security, cold storage, multiple private keys and wallet whitelisting. As an issuer, 21Shares is always required to 100% collateralize the underlining of each product.

21Shares Research

21Shares’s commitment to promoting positive development and institutional adoption of this new asset class does not end with the creation of its ETPs. In fact, the company is proud to offer globally recognized research material created with the knowledge and passion of its team. With a presence in the United States, Switzerland, and other countries around the world, 21Shares team is composed of researchers who have specialized in specific areas of the crypto ecosystem, to provide investors with a 360-degree view of the entire landscape. In addition, on a quarterly basis, 21Shares Research team publishes the "State of Crypto", an extensive report written on a chosen topic, such as the groundbreaking "Valuation Frameworks, the Case of Cryptoassets".

In addition, 21Shares research team is widely regarded as a benchmark for the crypto assets industry due to its responsiveness in helping navigate uncertain times through initiatives such as the "Analyst Call" in which our researchers provide a general overview of the market followed by a Q&A session with participants on the call.

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