U.S. Futures - CME-CBOT Market

Dynamic *
intraday contracts
Future Euro FX
E-mini Euro FX
British Pound
Japanese Yen
Swiss Franc
Australian Dollar
Canadian Dollar
New Zealand Dollar
Mexican Peso
Micro Silver**
Gold 100**
$ 3


from 3rd to 5th

from 6th to 25th

from 26th to 50th

from 51st on
$ 9

$ 8

$ 7-6-5

$ 4

$ 3

$ 2.5
E-mini Nasdaq 100
E-mini S&P 500
E-mini Russell 2000
TNOTE 2Y (2 years)
TNOTE 5Y (5 years)
TNOTE 10Y (10 years)
TBOND 30Y (30 years)
E-mini Crude Oil
Light Sweet Crude Oil
Natural Gas
E-mini Natural Gas
E-mini Dow Jones
Silver 5000**
$ 6
Micro mini S&P 500
Micro mini Nasdaq 100
Micro mini Dow Jones
Micro mini Russel 2000
Micro Crude Oil (WTI)
Micro Copper
Micro Henry Hub Natural Gas
Micro Ultra U.S. Treasury Bond
Micro Ultra 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note
$ 3
not applicable
E-micro Euro FX
$ 1.5
not applicable
E-micro Gold**
$ 2
not applicable
CBOT Commodities:**
Mini Corn
Mini Soybeans
$ 3
not applicable
CBOT Commodities:**
Soybeans oil
Soybeans meal
$ 8
not applicable

* Dynamic commissions are based on the result of the combined number of trades executed, even on different markets such as EUREX - CME - IDEM - MTA - SEDEX...
Please Note: Easy commission executions are not included in the calculation of the dynamic commission

** All still-open positions will be closed the day before the last day of the month preceeding the contract's expiration date.


Directa does not charge exchange fees or spreads between purchase and sale prices. At the time of the transaction the change of the day provided by Bloomberg is provisionally applied; the definitive change will be that of Bloomberg the following day, both for purchases and for sales.

For more information please see CME-CBOT market trading conditions info.
In the Help section you can read a detailed explanation on the operations on Futures info.