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At WisdomTree, we do things differently

WisdomTree was established in 2006 with the aim of creating better ways to invest and is now a leading Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and Exchange Traded Product (ETP) provider globally with more than $ 97Bn* in assets under management across innovative solutions that are designed to meet investors’ needs across asset classes and market cycles.

Today WisdomTree offers one of the most innovative and comprehensive ranges of ETFs and ETPs, covering Commodities, Currencies, Equities, Megatrends, Fixed income, Cryptocurrencies and Short & Leveraged.

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*Source: WisdomTree, as of 28 November 2023.

Promotion for Directa Customers

From January 2022, Zero Fees on a selection of WisdomTree products
The promotion is valid only on purchase orders with order minimum trade value of € 1,500 or € 2,500

The list of ETFs in promotion with order minimum trade value € 1,500 is available here
The list of ETCs and ETPs in promotion with underlying crypto - traded on Xetra
with order minimum trade value 1,500€ is available here
The list of ETCs and ETPs in promotion with order minimum trade value € 2,500 is available here

Megatrends – the disruptive forces shaping our future

Megatrends are powerful, long-term, transformative changes shaping the world that we live in today. This includes everything from technological advancements to social demographic shifts as well as climate and the environment.

WisdomTree’s deep expertise in constructing innovative indices and their partnerships with industry experts provide investors access to pure and targeted thematic exposures.

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How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies
Crypto ETPs with an Established Asset Manager

WisdomTree and Digital Assets
WisdomTree is one of the world’s largest and most experienced exchange-traded product (ETP) providers. Their 8 physically-backed cryptocurrency ETPs leverage WisdomTree’s extensive, multi-decade experience in structuring, operations and capital markets related to ETPs.

With a long-standing and proven track record, WisdomTree is a market leader at securing physical metals underlying ETPs and they have used the same structure to protect their underlying crypto holdings.

Why ETPs
Applying an ETP structure to digital assets leverages the benefits of an ETP wrapper (that is, transparency, security, liquidity, exchange listing and product standardisation) coupled with exposure to the opportunities afforded by the digital asset ecosystem.

Physically-Backed Crypto ETPs

- Crypto ETPs: Single Coins - Crypto Basket ETPs: diversified exposure

Short & Leveraged ETPs – Trading with conviction

The WisdomTree Short & Leveraged (S&L) family of exchange traded products (ETPs) is one of the most comprehensive, innovative ranges of specialist S&L ETPs in the world.

WisdomTree extensive Short & Leveraged platform offers a range of fully collateralised ETPs which are available in leverage factors between -5x and +5x across equities, fixed income, commodities, currencies, and volatility.

  • Tactical Market Heatmap
  • 7 Things to Remember when Investing in S&L ETPs
  • Economic Calendar
  • Market News and Daily Market Update
  • S&L ETP Simulator

Gold – the original hedge against uncertainty

Gold’s role as a hedge against inflation and uncertainty is well established. In recent years, investor interest in gold has increased significantly, particularly since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. While the macroeconomic outlook continues to be uncertain, we expect investor demand for gold to remain strong.

As the creator of Europe’s first Gold ETC, WisdomTree is the leading provider of physically-backed gold ETCs in Europe with the broadest range of gold ETCs, over $ 12Bn in AUM*, and an unrivalled expertise in the asset class.

  • Why Invest in Gold using ETCs
  • WisdomTree Gold ETC Range
  • Gold Outlook
  • Gold Market Updates

*Source: WisdomTree, as of 28 November 2023.

Commodities – Single and Broad Exposures

Commodity investors have numerous options ranging from individual commodities to targeted or broad baskets. Commodities tend to be used in two distinct ways. For some investors they look for pure exposure to individual commodities. For other investors, they seek smarter approaches that could present better alternatives.

To help investors understand the macro environment and look beyond the numbers, WisdomTree strives to provide unparalleled expertise in the commodities space. Our strength is supported by Europe’s most comprehensive range of Commodity ETPs, from individual commodities to targeted and broad baskets, with over $ 21Bn in AUM*.

  • Precious Metals – Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium
  • Industrial Metals – Copper, Nickel, Aluminium, Lead, Tin, Zinc
  • Oil & Energy – WTI Crude Oil, Brent Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Petroleum, Carbon
  • Agriculture & Livestock – Coffee, Sugar, Wheat, Lean Hogs, etc.
  • Broad Commodities – A diversified approach to commodities

*Source: WisdomTree, as of 28 November 2023.


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