EuroTLX and MOT BONDS: Conditions

MOT - EUROTLX Bonds regulated on Monte Titoli

Commissions per executed order

€ 5

first executed order
€ 8
€ 7
from 3rd to 5th
€ 6-5-4
from 6th to 25th
€ 3
from 26th to 50th
€ 2
from 51st on
€ 1.5
- Double commissions for order over € 500,000
- N.B. Dynamic commissions are the result of the combined number of trades even when executed on different markets such as: EUREX - CME - LIFFE - IDEM - MTA - SEDEX...
- Please Note: Easy commission executions are not included in the calculation of the dynamic commission.

The choice between the Easy and the Dynamic commission plan can be changed at any time with immediate effect.

EuroMOT | Euronext Access Milan (ExtraMOT) | and EuroTLX securities with CLEARSTREAM regulation (EUR - USD)

€ 8
- Double commissions for order over € 500,000

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