ETFs PAC - the Automatic Assisted Plan for the Informed and Independent Investor


With the aim of developing services aimed to an independent and informed investor, Directa offers the possibility of subscribing to an assisted investment plan on ETFs issued by Amundi ETF and Lyxor ETF and negotiable at zero fee.

The ETFs PAC represents a very interesting solution for investors: an assisted investment program characterised by a periodic purchases plan with constant amounts and at regular intervals.

A financial planning to invest capital over time, even starting from low amounts

The Customer can independently set amounts and frequency of investments choosing, for the moment, from a wide ETFs selection issued by Amundi ETF and Lyxor ETF and on which trading fees are not expected. Orders are fully automatically sent on predefined days.

The ETFs PAC is a product of continuous and medium-long term investments and is therefore particularly suited to meet the needs of investors.

How to activate the ETFs PAC

The list of ETFs is available from dLite menu under ETFs PAC item.


ETFs choice
At the top of the page there is a list of the available ETFs. On the left side, there is the menu with the elements you need for the composition of the PAC and the PAC Summary'.

As you add products to the ETFs PAC, they appear at the page bottom.
It is possible to deselect a product by clicking on the red button present on the left side.


Amounts and Frequencies
From this page, you set the amounts and the related order sending dates. It is possible to choose a single date or both of them. Orders will be sent in the Closing Auction on the choosen day or on the first available trading day following the defined date.


ETFs PAC Confirmation


From the Summary pages - available only when an active ETFs PAC is present - it is possible to monitor
the investments trend and the ETFs distribution by category/order sending date.
All the orders sent within the ETFs PAC will be shown in History.

ETFs PAC- Terms of deletion or change

On the very day of the orders sending, it is possible to cancel the service or modify the plan up to 5.00 pm.

email Notifications

For each ETFs PAC executed order, an informative order report will be sent by email so that it's possible to verify that the orders have been successfully executed.

The sending orders day, during the same morning, a preventive orders check will be performed in order to highlight any problems of availability or regulatory compliance.
In case an anomaly is detected, an email will be sent so that the Customer can act on the plan before 5.00 pm

WARNING: This check is provisional, the situation may vary between the morning of the order sending day and the moment on which the order will be effectively sent to the market during the Closing Auction.

Terms and Conditions

Available ETFs list