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Last Update December 12, 2015

Get here more info on the advantages of the Customer Dedicated Offers

Zero commissions on ETFs and funds

Thanks to the stipulated agreements,directa's customers can take advantage of the ZERO commissions offer to trade large number of ETFs and funds


Traderlink has developed a technical analysis software: VisualTrader. This platform is available in two different version: Base and Pro.
All Directa's customers have the Base version free of charge, and one month trial of the Pro version; after this promo time, if you would like to use the Pro version,you will pay 30 Euros of monthly fee. offers its services to the investors who are aimed at improving their expertise, the services include:

  • TWalert
  • Reports on the securities
  • Hit Parade of the TWbook or the direct use of the TWbook's real-time, a plug-in integrated into Directa's Darwin platform, suitable for the very active Traders.

TWbook is exclusively distributed by Directa SIM. Directa's Customers can subscribe to the use of the TWbook, after having used it in the free trial period.