Trading conditions on US markets

Updated to September 23, 2015

How to access the US market

BATS, one of the most important US ECNs is directly accessible through Directa for trading in the major US securities.
Trading operations on the US markets does not require to open an account in US dollars: the liquidity is always available to trade on all US Stock markets (CME or US Stocks), with an immediate euro-dollar conversion and without costs. This applies to both purchases and sales orders (provisional exchange: ECB rate of the day; final exchange: the ECB exchange rate of the next day).

Which Trading platforms to use

It's possible to trade in US securities by using Directa's Basic web trading platforms: Darwin Online Trading , flashBoard, flashBook, and touchTrader the Mobile online trading app.
The free real-time Push quotes (last bid/ask price) from NYSE and the NASDAQ are now integrated into the trading platforms such as the multiBook, Darwin Online Trading platform, flashBoard, flashBook, and the touchTrader stock trading app.

Commission structure

The commission structure uses a new logic that has been a considerable success in the USA with the very active traders. As we all know, to execute orders that take liquidity from the book (directly affecting the bid or the ask price to purchase or sell), ECNs require payments, and they charge the investors with the payment of those fees.however, in addition to the normal commissions; if on the other hand, an order forwarded to the ECN adds cash to the book (being placed without affecting directly the bid/ask price), when it's executed, the ECN grants the broker a commission writeback, which in the case of the "direct access broker", as Directa now is, are totally transferred back to the client's account, discounting it from the commission.

Applicable commission plans

The basic commission plan per executed order is $ 9 flat with the addition or reduction of any charges or refunds recognised by the ECN.
(N.B. in the event that these savings on the commissions are higher than $ 9, the commission will be set to zero, and the excess will be credited separately on the Customer account statement, making up part of the investor's taxable income).
BATS Usually pays up to 0.29 cents/share for orders that add liquidity to the book: Directa will deducts them from the commissions (i.e. $ 2.9 for every 1000 shares); on the other hand it asks for 0.29 cents per share for orders that take liquidity away from the book:and Directa will add them to the commissions.


Upon order placement, the client specifies whether to send the order to an ECN or to the official market via Market Maker.

The quantity of the order sent via ECN could be either below 100 pieces or multiples of 100 (for example to purchase 535 pieces it will be necessary to enter two orders: one for 500 pieces and other for 35 pieces).

Both multiday and stop orders are available, handled directly by the American market makers, The logic is the same like that used on the Italian markets, except for the stop order; the "ALL" function is not available for them.
Neither one is accepted via ECN.

Useful links

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