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a new dimension for high conviction investing

GraniteShares is a US-based ETP provider funded in 2016 by William “Will” Rhind, a well-known professional within the ETF landscape, with the support of Bain Capital Ventures and other prominent investors.

The three adjectives that better describe GraniteShares are specialized, "disruptive" and global.

GraniteShares is indeed focalized on the offer of investment solutions in line with a high conviction philosophy and is present in the US and in each of the main European stock exchanges, including Borsa Italiana.

GraniteShares listed its first ETPs in the US in 2017 and today its overseas offer consists of ETPs on commodities, including physically backed gold, high income strategies and an index on large-cap US companies excluding those which are most likely to underperform.

In 2019, GraniteShares officially launched its Europa operations, with the headquarter being based in London, in order to develop a new category of Exchange Traded Products. GraniteShares introduces to Europe a pool of solutions ranging from long, short and leveraged single stocks ETPs to the creation of targeted collateralized baskets aiming at satisfying the specific needs of investors.

In November 2021 GraniteShares entered the Italian market with the fist batch of listings on Borsa Italiana. Nowadays, there are 60 products listed on the ETF Plus market, subdivided in long and short 3x leveraged exposures on 24 single stocks and ETPs on FAANG, GAFAM and FATANG, also available in their unleveraged version.

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Promotion for Directa Customers

From June, 28th 2022, ZERO fees trading on a pool of GraniteShares products:

Every long and short leveraged single stock ETPs
Long and short unleveraged ETPs on FAANG, GAFAM and FATANG

The promotion is valid only on buy orders with minimum trade value of 500€
The list of products is available here

The main characteristics of GraniteShares ETPs

  • Concentrated underlying
  • Simplified access to short and leveraged investing
  • Collateralized position
  • Stop-loss mechanism integrated in the underlying index


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