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Vontobel is one of the most active issuers of investment certificates, covered warrants, and other structured derivatives in Italy.
The offer of Vontobel Certificates on the SeDeX market is particularly wide and it is structured through several types of certificates, designed to meet the various needs of investors. These include classic cash collect certificates, leveraged certificates, turbo certificates and tracker certificates.

Vontobel on the Italian market

At the beginning of 2023, Vontobel's offering on the Italian Stock Exchange consisted of:

Promotion for Directa Customers

From March, 22nd 2021, Zero Fees on a selection of Vontobel products

The promotion is valid only on purchase orders with order minimum trade value of € 1,500
for Investment products. The list is available here

The promotion is valid for both purchase and sell orders with order minimum trade value of € 1,500
for Leverage products. The list is available here

Vontobel Certificates

Conditionally Protected Capital Certificates

At the beginning of 2023, 211 Cash Collect Express Certificates, 26 Fixed Coupon Express Certificates and 10 Bonus Cap Certificates were listed on the SeDeX on worst-of baskets or single underlyings.

Among the 215 Cash Collect Express Certificates it is possible to find Memory Airbag Cash Collect Certificates, Memory Cash Collect with Decreasing Bonus Threshold, Athena, Maxi Cash Collect and Airbag Maxi Cash Collect.

Among the Investment Certificates, we find the Cash Collect.
These certificates are:

  • structured with a medium-long term horizon;
  • designed to offer capital protection even in conditions of laterality or limited downturns;
  • with conditional periodic bonus payments;
  • categorized as miscellaneous income. Therefore, for the Italian tax authorities, they offer the possibility of offsetting any previous capital losses;
  • continuously tradable with liquidity guaranteed by the Market Maker.

Participation Certificates

Among Vontobel’s unprotected capital certificates, 43 Tracker/Strategic Certificates are currently listed on the SeDeX. Of these, 25 are called Tracker (Open-End or with maturity) and are featured by passive management of the underlying, in the case of a thematic index, and 18 Strategic Certificates, whose underlying, on the other hand, are actively managed, with discretionary management by the Portfolio Manager.

With the Tracker Certificates, the price of the certificate, net of the bid/ask spread and management fees, linearly replicates, both in an upward and downward manner, the performance of the underlying asset.

Key features of these derivative products include the following:

  • medium-long term investment horizon;
  • tax efficiency, i.e. the possibility of offsetting capital losses;
  • listed on SeDeX;
  • portfolio diversification;
  • clear and transparent functioning;
  • continuously tradable with liquidity guaranteed by the Market Maker.

Vontobel Certificates and Leveraged Products

Let's review Vontobel's Leveraged Certificate offer. More than 3,900 leveraged products are currently tradable on the SeDeX, including 960 Constant Leverage Certificates, 2,000 Covered Warrants, 800 Turbo Certificates (Open-End or with maturity) and 200 Mini Futures.

The main features of Vontobel's offer of Constant Leverage Certificates and Covered Warrants include:

  • wide range of underlying assets covered by Vontobel certificates: indices, equities, commodities, currencies and interest rates;
  • leverage certificates account for more than 80% of the total turnover generated by Vontobel on the SeDeX in 2022;
  • issuer with the highest number of products listed on the Constant Leverage segment and Covered Warrant;

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