Directa Online Trading Security System

With one of the safest Firewall systems possible, Directa is a leader in secure trading. Standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit encryption is used to protect the password, which the customer may also modify online at any time.

As additional security, the client may mark more than one computer with an identification code issued by the Directa server, thus preventing any other computer from connecting to the account even with the correct access code and password.

Upon logging, the date and time of the last account access is communicated to the client. If Directa's customers have more than on PC or WAP, the date and time of each access is also listed. So the client can verify that "all is well”" each time he connects.

Customers can opt for a sms alert each time their account is accessed.

Finally, as an additional security measure, contrary to the normal functions of home-banking systems, it is not possible to order money transfers to accounts that are not in the client's name or as specifically indicated in the contract. Thus, someone with the skill to pass all other security measures would still be unable to take money from the account.