Directa SIM | Company Profile

Last update May 30, 2018

Directa Sim, founded in 1995 and operational since March 1996, is the pioneer of the Online Trading and the Brokerage sector in Italy, Directa was one of the first brokerage firms to become operational in the world. The purpose of Directa’s inception was, and still remains, to allow individuals to operate directly on the financial markets with an immediate execution of their placed orders, either to buy or sell with reduced costs. This can be done from the comfort and ease of their home computers, and now on their handheld devices as well.
Directa’s typical customers have always been very active investors, operating via the
Internet through Directa’s trading platform of choice on the Milan Stock Exchange (equities, derivatives, and fixed income securities), NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, CME, OTC, Eurex, LIFFE, Frankfurt’s XETRA, Cboe Europe and on the Forex through LMAX Exchange. Direct's Online Trading system is known to be technologically simple and truly reliable. In fact, it’s built so lightweight on the customer system resources to ensure operational effectiveness from any PC/MAC OSX that can surf the Internet.
Since the beginning, Directa has integrated reliable features into its pull platform, with java-based push trading tools in order to boost its quality, specifically tailored to active traders. One such trading tool is
the multiBook which shows, simultaneously and in one very compact view, the quotes and charts of multiple
securities. Another tool is the flashBoard which allows high speed scalping operability on many securities in a very small space.

One final trading tool is the Flashbook, an applet that allows the user to keep tabs of up to ten securities at the same time. This provides the ability to trade directly from within the book, enabling single-click trading capabilities.

Directa also features trading capable JVT java charts which is effective and interactive, all data consumed through these trading tools are updated in real-time push as well.

These trading tools, while they are still available, they've represented the pillars of online trading operations until May 2011, since then, all of their functions and features have been merged and upgraded to a new platform called: Darwin Online Trading Platform.

This platform allows users to choose and use as many different modules as desired in one single workspace. The actual trading platform, as well as the technical analysis software, are seamlessly integrated by Directa, making it a very efficient and effective trading environment that is both operational and informative.
Additionally, you as the user, have the ability to move the tiles and group them to your liking within the workspace.

The ability to organize and easily switch between many different workgspaces on desktop increases hugely the amount of securities and information available simultaneously. Darwin online trading platform is constantly evolving, and more and more functions and features are regularly added, including the ability to place orders directly from within the java-based JVT-Chart, which has been turned into an operational tile.
All these new platform developments aim to ensure that the trading business becomes increasingly adaptable to the personal preferences, including being more instantaneous and much easier to utilize.

In 2015, Darwin Stock Trading Platform has completely been revamped, with the introduction of these new changes and improvements aimed at meeting some needs reported by customers. As a result, in February 2016, a whole new module has been added that is named the graphicBook. This brings about several advantages that are especially significant for the more active traders, and also made it possible to overcome the few limitations of the flashBook, as the regular vertical book did not fit the screen well when viewing various price levels or when the stock goes through quick price fluctuations. This graphicBook is very useful and comes in handy because it allows a much wider and extensive view of the trading situation and is adaptable to the specific contingencies through the zoom tool, which can be directly managed by the user.

Many resources have also been invested in to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of stock trading operations, even when lacking the comfort of a computer. Directa SIM first started this endeavor in May 2004 with the launch of the Pen Trader, the first and exclusive
online mobile trading platform that was used with a regular PDA stylus pen as a pocket pc. However, since October 2009, Directa’s customers are now utilizing the smartphone Online Trading application known as the touchTrader. This application can be freely downloaded from the App Store, and is designed specifically for the iPhone and the iPad. This app turns mobile and handheld devices into powerful trading stations, as it connects the trader to the global financial markets and makes it capable of exchanging data at high speed with the quotation servers, as well as Directa’s online trading servers. This allows stock traders and investors to receive push tick-by-tick stock prices in real-time, to see the books and charts, to monitor the account’s profits, losses, and overall portfolio, and also to place and cancel orders as they trade – all with just one tap.

Directa has made agreements with over 200 brokers throughout the country to allow their clients access to its services.

Since 2002, Directa has also provided a help-desk in Germany in order to meet the demands of customers there and to provide them with information in the German language.

In 2013, Directa has expanded its business into the Czech Republic.