touchTrader: Login and Settings' Guide

At launch the touchTrader will prompt the login screen


Settings menu:

Save Pwd: to save your password (Default is OFF)

Secure Mode (https): Enable/Disable the Data Transmission Encryption and choose if you wish to always use it or only on login.

Show Preview in Notification: allows preview of any news in a pop up alert that will automatically disappear after 5 seconds.

Keep Connection Alive: allows to keep up connection when the device is in stand-by mode.

WarmStart: to automatically re-enable the platform in case of block.

directa Alert: to indicate the preferred options for the management of directa Alert.


By tapping and holding on this Icon touchtrader-logoen-new2015 for about ( two seconds) on the upper left corner of the App touchTrader you'll have access to the menu with the option to disable a view mode : portrait/landscape.

AUTO: shows FlashBook in portrait mode, and flashboard or chart in landscape mode, depending on whether you rotate the device, respectively, to the right or to the left.

flashBook: lock view to flashBook

Chart: lock view to Chart

flashBoard: lock view to flashBoard