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About Unicredit

Unicredit is a pan-European Commercial Bank with a unique service offering in Italy, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. UniCredit's purpose is to enpower communities to progress, delivering the best-in-class for all stakeholders, unlocking the potential of customers across Europe.

Over 15 million customers worldwide are at the heart of what UniCredit does in all its markets. Organized into four core regions and two product factories, Corporate and Individual Solutions, UniCredit is close to its customers and uses the scale of the entire Group for developing and offering the best products across all its markets.

Digitalisation and commitment to ESG principles are key enablers for the service offered. They help deliver excellence to stakeholders and creating a sustainable future for customers, communities and people.

UniCredit Certificates

The #UniCreditCertificate Team, thanks to the pan-European onemarkets platform, provides investment products and services with high added value.
It aims to respond in a distinctive and efficient way to the needs of investors, offering a wide range of innovative and concrete solutions, built around the needs of the investor: from trading with Turbo and Turbo Open End, Covered Warrants and Benchmark Fixed Leverage, to investment strategies, risk modulation and portfolio diversification with Investment Certificates (Bonus Cap, Top Bonus, Reverse Bonus Cap and Cash Collect on individual underlying assets or on baskets and in the variants with: Maxi Coupon, Unconditional Fixed Premiums, Autocall Step Down mechanism, Conditional Coupon with memory effect). Furthermore, UniCredit promotes a conscious approach to investments through numerous information and financial training services.

Promotion for Directa Customers

From March, 1st 2021, ZERO Fees on a selection of onemarkets by Unicredit products

The promotion is valid only on purchase orders
with minimum trade value of € 1,000 for Investment products

The promotion is valid only on purchase orders
with minimum trade value of € 1,000 and maximum trade value of 25,000 € for Leverage and CW products

The list of Investment products is available here
The list of Leverage and CW products is available here

Success story of UniCredit Certificates

Important recognitions won again at the 2021 Italian Certificate Awards and the German ZertifikateAwards 2021/2022 underlining UniCredit onemarkets ability, year after year, to innovate and adapt the product offer to client needs while leveraging on close collaboration across all distribution channels.

Last November, UniCredit onemarkets Germany achieved the best result in history at the German ZertifikateAwards 2021/2022 after having been awarded in 6 different categories and honoured as Germany’s BEST ISSUER for certificates by the overall jury ranking – for the second year in a row. The successful story of UniCredit Certificates continued in Italy at the 15th edition of the Italian Certificate Awards 2021 organized by Triboo and Certificati e Derivati. UniCredit received multiple awards, confirming the strong leadership in the Italian Certificates industry during 2021:

UniCredit ICA

  • #1 SPECIAL AWARD CERTIFICATE JOURNAL (as the most innovative issuer on client services, communication and education);
  • #1 SPECIAL AWARD WALL STREET ITALIA (as the most important issuer for continuous products offering and strong contribution to the Certificates market's growth over the last years);

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Before any investment, it is recommended to read the Base Prospectus, the related Base Prospectus supplements, the Final Terms and the Key Information Document (KID) of the financial instruments available on the UniCredit Bank AG Milan Branch website in the Legal Documentation section https://www.investimenti.unicredit.it/it/info/documentazione.html. The final terms are available on the page relating to each instrument through the search engine. Approval of the prospectus is not intended as approval of securities offered or admitted to trading on a regulated market. Any information relating to past performance, projections, forecasts, estimates or statements of future prospects, as well as any assessment or other information derived therefrom is for illustrative purposes only and is not to be considered a reliable indicator of future performance.
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