Who is Raydius?

Raydius is an issuer of turbo warrants, based in Frankfurt, Germany. Their products are listed on Spectrum Markets, where they can be traded 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Turbo warrants

Turbos are leveraged products whose value is based on the price of an underlying asset. They end as soon as the knock-out threshold is reached or surpassed.
The price of this product tracks the movement of the underlying on an almost one-to-one basis (adjusted to the multiplier), with a leverage effect. Turbos are available on hundreds of underlyings, including commodities, crypto assets, currencies, equities and indices.

Turbos allow the investor to take long or short positions and to participate in movements in the price of an underlying.

Europe’s first on-venue 24-hour turbo warrant

There is proven demand among retail investors for trading outside of traditional trading hours. That’s why Raydius makes Turbo warrants available to be traded 24 hours a day, five days a week (with the exception of equities), one third of trades with Raydius are consistently made outside of traditional trading hours.

In addition to the increased opportunities to trade enabled by 24/5 trading, their fast issuance process ensures that Raydius always has products available to suit prevailing market conditions.

Giving retail investors greater simplicity, Raydius offer a product range based on the most popular underlyings, including indices, FX, commodities, equities and crypto assets.

Overall, Raydius offer over thousands of products on 100s of underlying markets.

Learn more about Raydius products at www.raydius.de/en

Raydius history

Raydius is part of the IG Group, a global leader in retail trading and investments. As part of the IG Group family, Raydius shares its ethos that integrity, fairness and trust are as important to success as creativity, innovation and efficiency.